Wedding Hire

Wedding hire
A wedding is a very special day in one’s life! Naturally your wedding transport will become a significant factor in the wedding planning arrangements. Our fleet of whites or silver will ensure your wedding is absolutely exceptional. They will be at the groom’s house, the bride’s house, outside the church/temple/gurudwara, at the venues for the wedding pictures and more likely than not they will be in many of the wedding photographs!

The idea is to make you steal the show and ensure you make a grand entrance on your wedding day. So for a truly unforgettable experience of a life time, hold our hand and let us make your dream a reality.

We provide wedding car hire services to the next level; beyond simply providing a luxury car and a professional driver. All wedding cars are impeccable and in top-notch condition so we can deliver the best possible wedding car hire experience, tailored to your needs, at a reasonable charge. All wedding car hire packages include the following:

BulletA subtly decorated car with ribbons to suit your special occasion perfectly, with a bottle of champagne courtesy, Imperial 7 Chauffeurs luxury car hire.

Bullet Up to 3 hours waiting time (10-12 hours for Asian weddings).

BulletA professional, experienced, smartly dressed chauffeur to take you to the place where you say ‘I do’.

Other Events

Other Events
Whether it is your anniversary or your birthday, whether you are celebrating that much deserved promotion or you wish to indulge in some entertainment at London’s finest theatre, Imperial 7 Chauffeurs luxury car hire service helps you create a bespoke package, coupled with our chauffeur’s attention to detail on providing exceptional service. Our focus on keeping you under the spotlight and spoiling you on your big day is the reason so many people celebrate and book with Imperial 7 Chauffeurs luxury car hire to make their day an unforgettable one. While all you have to do is simply sit in the comfort of your luxury chauffeur car and be driven to a restaurant, cocktail bar, theatre or any destination of your choice.

Executive Chauffeur Service

Executive Chauffeur Service
Imperial 7 Chauffeurs luxury car hire service is based in West London, 10 minutes away from London’s largest and busiest Heathrow Airport making all your airport transfers and London transfers comfortable and breezy and offer chauffeur driven services for all occasions. We are fully PCO licensed. Whether you have a busy day of meetings or want to make a stylish first impression, are planning a special event or simply require efficient, luxurious transportation, our state of the art fleet has been carefully selected for your complete convenience and comfort. We transport dignitaries, film stars, corporate high flyers and perceptive passengers the world over. We offer the smoothest ride possible and superior passenger comfort with plenty of legroom. Needles to say, our chauffeur driven cars are thoroughly checked before each job and maintained to the highest standards.

Close Protection Service

Affluent customers such as Diplomats & high net worth individuals may need additional security measures. From initial risk assessment through to the actual assignments we can organise close protection at whatever degree of security you need.

All our vehicles are fitted with satellite navigation and are centrally monitored with a special tracking device that ensures we know where the vehicle is at all times, and how it is being driven including the speed and control.

Our security personnel have all been vetted personally and professionally, and have experience in providing protection in hostile situations. Please contact us for more information.

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